After-sales Service and Support

After-sales service is done with a lot of heart at ALBI. Our objective is to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our business philosophy is based on the premise that we should treat our customers the way we’d like to be treated, and it is applied by our after-sales service team.

Continuing training is given to all our qualified technicians so that our team is always on top of automotive technology. This training also provides our next generation of technicians to acquire indispensable knowledge from experienced people. At ALBI le Géant, we spare no effort so our customers are delighted and continue to place their trust in us.

A member of the ALBI’s after-sales service team will do a brief follow up with you after every visit you make to one of our dealerships. We want to make sure everything is all right with your vehicle, and that you’re satisfied with it. We’ll take the opportunity at that time to tell you about our new promotions.

Impeccable after-sales service includes regularly maintaining our equipment. We provide a whole range of repairs and services, like routine maintenance, accessory installation, body work and major repairs. We work hard to continue to deserve the title of CarrXpert body work specialists, year after year.

Come in to ALBI Nissan Repentigny to enjoy our exceptional after-sales service.